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This year the DFW edition Stubby comes in the 7'6'' a Team favorite length for this hull shape. Designed for pocket surfing. Find clean and balanced lines for all around fun.

Barry McGee and Josh Lazcano designed the DFW Grant Noble Edition. This collaboration is very limited to 15 of each size per season.

Color - Egg Nog

Not your average softop. What you’re reading about here is the best riding softtop in the world. This is not a 99 dollar special that you can go out and try to break and get a refund.

Our boards are made with true performance in mind and they ride as good if not better than most surfboards in the world. We use light weight materials to build these boards so the work like a normal board but they also break like a normal board.

For any more questions about caring for your SurfCrime® softboard please send us an email.

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