For the last two decades, the three founders of Crime have made strong contributions to the evolution of surfing and skateboarding. The concept for Crime was born during a fun day of sharing waves. Their idea was to create a highly shreddable more eco-friendly soft-top that will have the durability and life span of a hardboard. Not a disposable soft top that gets heavier from taking on water and ends up on the side of your house or in a dumpster.

A surfboard that will be loved, saved, or passed on to a friend.
We are influenced by the rebellious subversive elements of authentic surf and skateboard lifestyle. Crime's design team consists of surfers, skateboarders, shapers, and artists out of Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and San Clemente, CA. With an all inclusive approach, we believe in utilizing our collaborative input and empowering creativity to help redefine the future.

Address: 2942 Industry St. Unit B, Oceanside, CA

Phone: 415.601.9099