All CRIME Surfboards are made like "real surfboards", and constructed from shaped eps foam blanks with stringers, glassed with 6oz epoxy cloth, then finished with a textured EVA foam skin (which you should not wax), laminated to the deck.  The end result is a board that performs well in most conditions, and that also doesn't wear out like most disposable soft-tops...

For more than 2 decades the founders of Crime have made strong contributions to the evolution of surfing and skateboarding. During a fun day of sharing waves and ideas they decided to team up and create a better more sustainable soft-top surfboard.  A board that won’t water log and end up in a dumpster.  Crime boards are built to last.

The Crime art is influenced by the rebellious, subversive elements of authentic surf and skateboard design. The Crime design team consists of surfers, shapers and skateboarders out of San Clemente, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco, California.  With an all inclusive approach, we believe in utilizing our collaboratve input and empowering creativity to help redefine the future.


Email: info@surfcrime.com